Fist quarter of 2011 is setting records in West Bay

While the rest of the world seems to be still trying to recover from difficult economic times Roatan is prospering. 

West Bay is posting record numbers of visitors in the first quarter of  2011 that have never been seen before.  The flights to Roatan just seem to keep growing and the destination of choice on Roatan is West Bay.  Were once you could arrive and search for a bargain hotel rate today you must make reservations or you may be spending your time somewhere else and having to commute to West Bay.  Semana Santa has always been the biggest week of the year with the climax occurring on Good Friday but in these busy times it seems to almost be the norm. 

Friday will assuredly bring the busiest afternoon of the year with what seems to be half the Island looking for a dip in the sea and a good time.  Guaranteed a fun day worth planting yourself on the beach in preparation of a day of people watching.