Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?

Casual Caribbean wear is the order of the day.  Cool cotton resort wear can take you from the beach to dinner.  You may choose to bring long sleeves and pants for the gentlemen and a long dress for the ladies for outdoor dinning in the evenings.

Is WiFi available at the Meridian and on the Island?

High quality WiFi has just recently arrived here in West Bay. Each Meridian unit has it’s own dedicated WiFi.

Will my US cell phone work?

Most US cell phones now work on Roatan but it is best to contact your carrier for details prior to your trip. Special rates may be arranged in advance since your roaming may be expensive. Local cell phones are available for rent here on Island at reasonable rates.

Is Cable TV available with US sports?

Yes. All the major sporting events as well as a wide selection of North American cable channels are available.

Will someone help with arranging activities?

Here at The Meridian we are more than happy to help you make the most of your vacation with activities such as Zip lining, fishing, tours, Dolphin encounters and more.

Should I worry about bugs?

Mosquitoes and sand flies can be bothersome at times so it is best to be prepared with a mild repellent.  We recommend Cactus Juice brand non-deet repellent or a less than 10% deet product. Deet can be very damaging to furniture and fabric so please Never use any Deet products (ie. Deep Woods Off) inside the homes.

Do I need sunscreen in the winter months?

Roatan is a Tropical Island which means it is best to always be prepared with sunscreen.

Is the Meridian a Hotel?

No. The Meridian is a boutique Resort community of privately owned homes.  You will be staying in someone’s private vacation home.

What if the electricity goes out?

The electric power company here on Roatan is becoming more reliable but there still is a chance the electricity will go out at some point.  The power may be reliable for months at a time but there also may be more than one outage in a single week.  Fortunately power outages are less than three hours 90% of the time.  The water is powered by an electric pump and a back up pressure tank which will provide enough water in reserve for a short shower and basic water needs. The final word is relax and enjoy the view if you experience an outage, it won’t last long.

Do I need to rent a car?

This is a matter of choice.  The Meridian is located about four hundred yards from the public beach with a hill in between. It can be a hike on a warm day but there are always taxis available for the ride back.  Many guests will rent a car, which can be arranged for and delivered to The Meridian at your convenience, for just one or two days to take a self guided Island tour. West Bay Shuttle may be available.

Do I need to check my passport?

YES. Travel requirements state all travelers must have at least “Six Months” before their passport expires.

Do I need rain gear? 

We are in the tropics so it may rain almost any month of the year.  With that said just a light wind breaker/rain coat is not a bad idea.  October, November are the rainiest months but rain is common through April. The good news it rains mostly at night and it is never cold.

Should I bring my own snorkel gear?

Snorkel gear is available for rent at The Meridian.  Many people prefer having their own snorkel gear so you may want to pack your own mask and fins.

What restaurants are available?

Kismet is located here on the private Meridian beach and “Bite on the Beach” is located at the opposite end of West Bay about 1,500 yards away. There are several beach bars and dining establishments all along West Bay Beach.   West End is approx. 3 miles by car or a 10 minute water taxi ride from West Bay Beach.  West end is the main tourist Village with dozens of shops, restaurants and bars.