Plane or Cruise Ship?

Have you ever thought about visiting Roatan but did not want the hassle of pat downs, luggage restrictions and horrible food?

Cruise to Roatan!

Yes, that’s right, cruise to Roatan as a means of transportation, disembark and stay for a while.  Check with the cruise line for itineraries and company policies regarding embarkation and disembarkation here on Roatan.   Some cruise lines do not offer this option but Carnival has been very accommodating.  We were pleased to meet our booking agent this week when he and his wife visited us at Bite on the Beach in West Bay while enjoying their cruise vacation.  You can contact him, Michael Hall 1-800–819-3902, Ext. 85765 and book your Island travels.
Currently we have cruises originating in Florida, Texas and Louisiana which all visit our wonderful Island.

This option is particularly attractive for those of us who have a home on Roatan.  There are no  extra expenses or hassle encountered when we show up with our extra luggage filled with all kinds of goodies to make our Island house a home.

So, If you have the time, relax, cruise on down to Roatan and stay a while.