Working in Paradise

The shift in the world economy that took place in 2008 slowed things here on Roatan much like it did around the world.  The good news is in 2011 Roatan is seeing a rebirth of our fast growing economy.  Noted as the fastest growing Island in the Caribbean the cruise ships have given an eight-hour commercial to over a million new visitors in the last year and a half alone.  This exposure to our “undiscovered paradise” has brought about a resurgence in interest  to retirees, vacationers and those looking to relocate.

This combination of new arrivals is fueling the exponential growth in tourist related activities, resident services and entertainment, and of course the real estate and construction industry. New businesses and real estate developments are popping up from one end of the Island to the other.

Today’s trend of more active lifestyles leaves many of the ten thousand “baby boomers” retiring each day looking for something they call “Semi-retirement”.  Many want to work, but at this time in their lives, want to do what They want to do.  The burgeoning economy of Roatan provides this opportunity like no other location. So whether you want to be a wine distributer, run sail charters or just enjoy relaxing on a chartered sail boat with a lovely glass of wine  we have a place for you on Roatan.

See you soon!